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Personalized Mugs
Voice Message

Give a truly unique gift this Valentines Day or for any special occasion. This personalized photo mugs is the perfect gift to keep reminding that special person just how much they mean to you. You can skip the card!


Each mug is customized a photo of your choice on one side. You can choose between several graphics for the opposite side of the mug or, leave it blank. Not to mention, the scannable QR code for your loved one to listen to your audio message anytime they please.


Just try it out. Scan the QR code in the photo above using the camera on your phone or QR code reader app on your phone.


Upload Photo
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Steps for Audio file with Google Drive- This ensures that you have full control over your file, you can delete or safeguard it as long as you please.

1. Record your audio message using a voice recorder on your phone or another device. If you do not have a voice recorder on your device, download one from the app store.


2. Is your audio recording in MP3 format? If not, download an MP3 converter, upload the audio file to the converter, and convert the file.


3. Upload your MP3 audio file to google drive

4. Open your audio file in google drive. In the top left corner there are three vertical buttons, click on it.


5. Click on the first link “Share”.


6. A pop up box will display. On the top right corner it says “Get Shareable link,” click on it, the link will turn blue. “Copy Link”.

7. Paste that link in the URL text box.

An error occurred. Try again. Please contact us if issue persist.

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