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Thrift store picture frame to stunning wedding sign.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Weddings can be extremely expensive, especially when you have unique tastes. Finding those little details that will make your day truly special can really add up. By making some of the decorations yourself, you can significantly cut some of your cost. You will be so surprised at all those little hidden treasure you can find between the shelves of a thrift store.

I found this simple yet chic picture frame at a local thrift store and my imagination went wild. I personally like the rustic barn yard look, but I also love color. Why not combine the two.


  • 11x 17 picture frame - thrift store $2

  • 3oz teal acrylic paint- Michaels $.87

  • 3oz gold acrylic paint- Michaels $.87

  • 3oz white acrylic paint- Michaels $.87

  • Decal- Crafty Belle's Corner $12

I have never really considered myself a painter. Lets be honest, I can't draw a stick figure. But with a quick and easy youtube tutorial video, I created the perfect welcome sign, that was vibrant and inviting.

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