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Choosing the Right Font

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

You have these great ideas, and your creative juices are flowing, only to be halted by fonts. Yes, fonts. Choosing the right and best fonts for your project is one of the most difficult tasks when creating your designs. When we, at Crafty Belles, are designing for our clients we literally go over 100s of font to achieve the perfect look. Which is why our go to for great and dynamic fonts is Not to mention, all the free fonts they offer really makes them an easy choice.

You have found the perfect font, now what? There are so many more aspects of designing. Is it a simple one word design, great, you are almost done, but maybe you want to make a little fancy. Or your design includes multiple words, should they all use the same fonts? And most of all, how big or small does this thing need to be. When we create designs, whether they are simple or a little more involved, how it looks on the canvas is important and must be taken into consideration from the very beginning. Now lets go over the basics.

Mixing Fonts

Coupling those cute cursive fonts with a serif font not only lets our projects stand out, but emphasize important pieces in your design. Take for example a Mr. and Mrs. t-shirt design. Not only does the size of the cursive Galista Font help emphasize the message we are trying to convey, it also does not clash with a serif font. By positioning the serif font at the curve of the cursive font adds depth and dimension to the final product.

When to add glyphs aka the fancy letters

Glyphs is a great way to make unique designs in multiple ways. Those fancy lines that are added to letters to emphasize particular words or, simply to make it super cute. It is all about the look you are going for and what you want to stand out to the consumer. Take a look at these two welcome sign examples for the same occasion.

So many ways and designs to convey the same message or concept, it just depends on what the consumer wants. And with thousands of fonts to choose from, the opportunities to create beautiful décor and signs, are endless. Be sure to download a character map to find all these beautiful designs.

Does size matter?

Uh, yea, it absolutely does. We have covered glyphs for emphasis, mixing fonts to appeal to the eye, but you must also consider the size. The size of the text in relation to the size of your canvas. Too small, and it looks weird/odd, too big and it can be overbearing.

Size also matters when you are using multiple fonts on the same design. And going back to mixing fonts, the same applies to the size in relation to the other fonts on the same canvas. Making sure you are purposely emphasizing the important things on your design but making sure it is not taking away from the other aspects of the design. Take for example one of Crafty Belles’ original designs for our customizable mugs. By using various sizes for the different fonts, creates great dimension and emphasis.

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