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Creating Your Own Crafty Spaces.

Whether you are jumping all the way in or just dipping into crafting, you will need space. Check out these tips of how all these amazing crafters are decorating, maximizing and utilizing their spaces to indulge in what they love.

When you’re the type of person to make your own décor, gifts, artwork, etc. it’s more likely than not that you’ve acquired an abundance of supplies and materials. But for some of us, no dedicated space to keep said supplies, and no idea of where to start when designing a craft room. Whether you’re dealing with a small corner or an entire room, we’ve reached out to the crafting pros from Toronto to Sacramento to help homeowners like you organize and design the craft room of their dreams. So, sit back and let these tips and tricks inspire you to create your very own crafting space.

Start by prioritizing

Before you begin to buy anything, think about how you approach your crafting. Do you think of color, material, or brand first? For the next project you work on, try thinking about what supplies must be immediately accessible, which could be further away, and which could be hiding in drawers or cabinets. Remember to have fun and be prepared to change things up as you’re creating that dream space. Dreams grow and change – your crafting space will too! – One Mommy Scrapping

A good idea might be to start planning out your craft space. Do you really need all the papers, tons of embellishments all stored in different boxes? Or is it enough to have them digitally and print them out when needed? If so – that can save you tons of storage already – you just need your laptop and printer next to you. Maybe over the years, your hobby has changed. Maybe you are no longer a crochet girl but a scrapbooker? Well, then get rid of all the needles, books and wool you no longer need. You’ll make someone happy and it saves you valuable space in your crafting area. If you do not have that much space for your crafting endeavors you can also hang supplies. There is always an area next to your desk or maybe behind you. Use the boards you get for your kitchen to hang your wooden spoon on for your scissors and other supplies. Besides that, transparent boxes are a great choice as well! They allow you to see through without opening your boxes so you know what’s inside. – Digidesignresort

Hang scissors and rulers on hooks so they are always visible and easy to grab. Keep pens, pencils, and paintbrushes in pretty containers, and you’ll be more likely to keep your desk tidy. I like to use vintage jars and small ironstone pitchers. Consider using furniture, shelves, and storage bins all in one neutral color so your materials stand out and are easy to see. Invest in a comfortable chair so you want to spend time in your craft room. Store rolls of stickers and spools of ribbons in rectangular ceramic planters. You can pull right from the roll or spool. Have a small chalkboard or whiteboard handy for quick sketches and lists rather than more paper. – Smile Mercantile