"It's a Tea Party" Baby Shower

So... you've decided to throw a tea party to celebrate the new addition to a happy home. And now comes the hard part, "how do you throw a tea party for a baby shower?"

There is not one way to accomplish throwing a spectacular tea party. One that will have the guest/s of honor and their guests raving. But here are the steps we took to throw an amazing co-ed baby shower for the parents to be.

Step 1

Are You Committed?

Decide on to what ends you have committed to this theme. We found the perfect invitation to set the stage and to let the guest know exactly what they are in for. We found the perfect invitation on Zazzle.

Step 2

Getting RSVPs

We used RSVPify to collect RSVPs. It truly made getting the responses back easy and less work for us to keep track of attendees. It was a seamless process. This also made it possible to send out a reminder email a few days before the even. We also used that opportunity to ask our guests to come dressed for a tea party, if they didn't mind that is.

Step 3

Now for the fun part, choosing the decorations.

We opted to use real fine china. Yes, fine china can be quite costly so we turned to the thrift store and Facebook market place. After several trips to several thrift stores as well as a couple pick ups from a couple of stranger's homes, we had enough tea sets for a party of 30. We came up with five different tea sets, each table was decorated with a tea set design and paired with cute tiny spoons. Many of the tea sets did not come with a tea pot, so we collected various tea pots that were used for the centerpieces. These were paired with some good old fashion doilies over faux books from Michaels, and a bird cage wrapped in fairy lights. We were short one teapot, but we had extra tea cups. We turned those into a super cute tea cup tower adorned with pearls and flowers. We used real linen for a natural feel.

Choosing the perfect décor bring your theme together. If you're on a budget, someone has an allergy, or due to time constraints, faux flowers are perfect for setting the scene. Doing some more scouring, we bought come flowers from Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Shein at the beginning of the summer when they set out the spring collections. Adding flowers to your balloon arrangements also adds a lot of dimension and makes it pop while pulling the décor together.

Using some fine china at your treat station also helps to support your theme of a tea party. You can fill the cups with small treats such as macarons, but we decided to jazz them up with some more flowers. There are so many options to use for this table, from finger sandwiches to cookies and everything in between. We opted opted for cookies, fruits and the cake.

And no, our fine china did not come in cupcake stands. We created these with fine china plates we found at the thrift store, YouTube videos and a whole lot of patience.

Finding the center of the plates was definitely the hardest part. But with the assistance of a square and a permanent marker, and Youtube, we made it happen. We used the hand sanitizer to remove the permanent marker lines before adding the stand hardware we bought on Amazon.

Step 4

What is a tea party without tea?

We wanted our guest to have a interactive experience and venture out with teas they may not have tried in the past. We purchased a loose tea variety pack from Amazon. We labeled each cannister with the flavor of tea and the tea's description and placed it on three tier stand. We also included some regular tea bags, just in case and hot chocolate for the little ones. We used our fine china to house our condiments; lemon, milk, creamer, sugar cubes and stevia. Using an electric kettle for heating the water made it simple, quick and safe. Not to mention, our venue did not have a stove, so this was the perfect solution. Adding a sign to let our guest know how to interact with the tea bar was important. You can download the sign here.

Step 5

A "Welcome" sign.

We would not be Crafty Belles, if we don't make out own signage, now would we. Naturally we created something a little bit more unique for this special occasion. That's the good thing about the Crafty Belles, everything is customizable and can be made to your specifications.

We used foam board from dollar tree to make this super cute sign and added a floral garland to make it pop and stand out. They would never know it was that affordable.

Step 6

The Food

Unfortunately, we did not capture a picture of the super cute food set up, but you can use your imagination, right? We pulled out our nicest porcelain serve ware, in addition to some china, and added some height. With food you can really indulge in the tea party theme, or you can serve food you know your guest are familiar with, and is cost effective. We opted for meatballs, chicken wings tray, variety wraps and sandwich trays. We purchased our food from Publix, which was very affordable and took out so much work in food preparation. We also bought that super cute cake from Walmart.

Step 7

The Games

What fun is a baby shower, without baby shower games and super cute prizes. We played three games, Baby Bingo, Baby Jeopardy and Baby Family Feud.

Tea Bar Sign
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